Students and parents may now view their Pioneer Media Center and Book Depository loan records from home.  Utilizing Destiny, a web based program, and their student log-in name and student ID number, students and parents may now review at any time what items are still on loan and what fines or obligations, if any, have been applied.  Please note: obligations must still be cleared from wherever the item was borrowed – either the Media Center or the Book Depository.


From the Pioneer website home page:

  • Click on the MEDIA CENTER link in the left navigation bar.
  • Click on the CATALOG link in the next webpage.
  • Click on the LOG-IN box in the upper right hand corner to open a new webpage.

LOG-IN using the same information that students use to access student server space.  Remember that it is case sensitive.

Log In:  Graduation year-last name-first name-middle initial [2012SmithJohnM]

Password:  Student ID number


By default, the screen opens to search the catalog of PHS Media Center.  In the top navigation bar on the left side, beneath Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor MI, is the MY INFO button.

Clicking on this button will allow you to view the ITEMS OUT from both the Media Center [Library Materials] and Book Depository [Textbooks].

It will also give you information on fines posted to your account.  Media Center fines are 10 cents per day and max out at $1.00 for each book that is late, while textbook fines represent replacement cost for a damaged or lost textbook.  Both our Media Center and Book Depository charge for lost or damaged books.  Receipts are provided for payment by cash or check only.  Checks must be payable to: Pioneer High School.  No credit cards are accepted at this time.

Under ITEMS OUT you will see:  date due; title of item; book price and date checked out.  The Pioneer Media Center and Textbook Depository utilize different due dates.

Questions or inquiries are always welcomed so please feel free to contact us during the school day at the following phone numbers for assistance.

Pioneer High School Media Center:

734-994-2160 – Media Center Staff

Pioneer High School Book Depository: