Volunteers Needed for Pioneer School Store in Cafeteria

Please volunteer to work in the school store.  All proceeds go to the PTSO to help support our teachers and kids!

If nobody volunteers the Stores stays closed.

Please sign up going to the link below – it is simple and fun!!  Thank you!


No food deliveries allowed during school hours

Pioneer High School will no longer allow food deliveries to its campus during school hours.  If food is delivered to the school during school hours, the vender will be turned away.


Students allowed to leave campus ONLY Fridays

Pioneer is a “Closed Campus” every day except Friday.  Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch except on Friday and that is limited to juniors and seniors with parent permission. Students who leave the building without permission will be subject to consequences per our Student Rights & Responsibilities manual.


Only Clock Tower entrance OPEN during school day

There is a new Welcome Center at our Clock Tower entrance.  This should be the only entrance or exit utilized during the school day. Anyone entering the building will be asked to sign in at the Welcome Center.  The Flagpole entrance will not be open during school business hours