Did You Know?

stay informed

In an effort to keep parents informed of what’s going on at Pioneer, the announcements that are read to students during the school day are emailed out to parents and guardians once a week (usually on Thursday) through School Messenger.

These messages come from Deborah Anglin, who is Mr. Lowder’s secretary, and the subject line reads Pioneer High SchoolMessenger. ¬†These announcements include information about upcoming events, deadlines and events for seniors, AP testing, outside opportunities for students, tutoring and academic assistance, and special announcements for parents and guardians. Students often report that it is difficult to hear the announcements when they are read during the school day, so having them in your email inbox can be helpful to them as well as to you.

This email may not arrive in your primary inbox, so be sure to look for them and change settings to make sure you receive them. There is no way to unsubscribe from this email, but it is easily deleted if you are not interested in the information.